Fashionable Moments Jessica Alba

Fashionable Moments Jessica Alba

When it comes to holiday attire Im very big on Go get dressed real nice and dont look frumpy But this pic from  of Jessica Alba and her family from Easter was fashionably inspiring to me.

Jessica looked cute and casual in a white shirt under a fantastic must have gray sweater that she paired with pale blue skinny jeans and neutral colored flats. The mother of two topped off her look with a great big comfy scarf and an orange crossover bag that popped against the other muted tones she was sporting

As for her family husband Cash looked quite relaxed in loose fitted pants and a white long sleeve shirt while daughter Honor donned a cute bright floral Easter dress with flats This is something I can see my future family wearing out on a day like that My husband is very good with letting me dress him for holidays and Ive always taken a relaxed approach with his attire being he has a laid back Hawaiian personality I usually send him out in a button down from the Gap or a Ralph Lauren polo while the city girl in me opts for a dress and heels almost  of the time.

Quite honestly I m impressed with Alba for once She is one of the very few celebs who I feel is over exposed lets face it the girl cant act and she looks like a toddler But here I am being drawn into her outfit and how much a statement it made without even trying I may have to revamp my wardrobe to a more relaxed and chic one rather than always reaching for a dress
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